About Us

A well balanced mixture of IT and healthcare

Physilect Ltd. is a pioneer of the computer aided remote rehabilitation in Finland. The product development related to the Physilect concept has started in the beginning of 2010’s as a development project of a bigger software house. Physilect Ltd. (Business ID 2730708-8) has been established in 2015, when it was decided to spin it off and develop as an independent business.

Key personnel of the company has a strong IT background and long experience in IT service business development. Our team is a well balanced mixture as it includes also a professional physiotherapist, who brings a specific knowledge of the healthcare market and ensures smooth communication with the medical experts.

Arcady Khotin

Chairman of the Board

Anna Khotina

Managing Director

Tapio Jakobsson

Director, Business Development

Erik Raita

Director, Sales and Marketing